A graphic posted by Google to promote the launch of public transport ‘crowdedness predictions’ in Google Maps

Google is adding ‘crowdedness predictions’ for public transport on its Maps apps … and the company says that Canada Water is one of London’s most crowded stations and the Jubilee line is the most crowded line.

In a blog post Google explained: “Crowdedness predictions come from optional feedback directly from the people who use Google Maps. In fact, you may have received notifications asking about how crowded your subway, train, or bus ride was after navigating in transit mode. To learn more about how crowdedness levels vary around the world, we analyzed aggregated and anonymized reports of crowdedness from Google Maps users from October 2018 to June 2019 during peak commuting hours (6am – 10am), and identified which lines had the highest number of crowdedness reports. “

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan recently responded to concerns about the overcrowding at Canada Water, noting that the Elizabeth line could help free up capacity on the Jubilee line.

TfL is also bidding for Government funds to further upgrade the East London line – including a revamp for Surrey Quays Station – with a decision due in July.

2 thoughts on “Canada Water tops Google league of most crowded tube stations

  1. Statutory Consultation Canada Water Master Plan: Canada Water most crowded!
    End of free street parking in Rotherhithe!
    End of our Leisure Centre and only deep water pool in Southwark?
    Give your opinion of the Canada Water Masterplan! Participate!
    Contact Southwark Planing up to July 17 – 2019.
    You can also send your objections to the Canada Water Master Plan directly to Southwark Council, if you are interested please take part in the consultation which closes on July 17th , send objections to:
    * Southwark Council on Internet on line site: planning site under the references 18/AP/1604
    * Or please write in with your comments To Southwark Planning reference 18/AP/1604 Southwark Council PO BOX 64529 London SE1P 5LX –Planning Department.
    * Or email Mr Michael Glasgow at Southwark Planning: [email protected] reference 18/AP/1604
    Even if you can’t participate by that date of July 17th 2019 please write in any way.

  2. Those getting on the tube at Canada Water have known this for years and it is certain TFL and the Mayor have known this for some time. However I feel they’ve hidden it from the public to ensure these massive developments get built – in Canada Water, the Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey and the area south of Surrey Quays by the Den- without a sustainable plan to cope with all the footfall.

    Honestly I don’t want to live in New York or Hong Kong and I would vote for the next guy/gal who rejects these crazy building targets.

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