Transport for London has announced that work will begin on 5 July on the construction of the £54 million cycleway between Tower Bridge and Greenwich via Jamaica Road.

Work is starting on the first section of Cycleway 4 between Tower Bridge and Rotherhithe Roundabout and includes new pedestrian crossings along Tooley Street and Jamaica Road and the overhaul of the Rotherhithe roundabout.

“I’m delighted that work is about to begin on this major new cycle route in south-east London,” said Mayor of London Sadiq Khan.

“High-quality segregated cycle routes greatly increase the numbers of people who feel confident cycling on our streets and with new pedestrian crossings along the route, road danger will be substantially reduced for thousands of pedestrians too.

“Boroughs like Southwark, Lewisham and Greenwich really understand the huge benefits of investing in high-quality walking and cycling infrastructure. With record investment from TfL we will continue to work with boroughs who share our vision to tackle London’s inactivity crisis, reduce road danger, and get more people out of their cars and into cleaner greener forms of transport.”

Cllr Richard Livingstone, Southwark’s cabinet member for environment, transport and the climate emergency, said: “In Southwark we welcome this new addition to our growing network of cycleways.

“I hope that the introduction of segregated bike lanes and improved junctions will encourage even more people to get on their bikes and help to improve their health and happiness, and all of our air quality.”

Public consultation on the Lower Road section of the route is expected this summer.

15 thoughts on “Work starts on £54m cycleway along Jamaica Road

  1. Great,more congestion while work is done and more delays for drivers when it is completed.
    This is only good news for cyclists,so what do they pay towards costs?NOTHING THAT IS WHAT!!
    What a good system it is,the drivers and taxpayers pay and the cyclists do not even have to pay insurance or tax like all drivers do.

      • I am talking about road tax since i believe cyclists use the roads.They also do not need any kind of insurance.
        So therefore,if i have an accident with a cyclist the rider can claim for time off work etc;
        But whappens when a cyclist damages my car,this happened to me when a rider took my door mirror off as he drove through a red light!He just sped off with me having to foot the bill,this is where it is unfair.I was a cyclist not long ago and cyclists were the most dangerous users,particularly the headphone user morons.
        Other cyclists even had a go at me when i stopped at red lights!
        I did not stop cycling to work because the roads were bad,it was the cyclists bad attitude and many did not pay attention to pedestrians crossing the road either.Cyclists must follow regulations of the road,i know from experience i would say half of cyclists did not stop at lights where they should have done.
        I am not trying to be nasty to cyclists,just realistic,sorry.

      • Adrian,
        Dont forget the 85p in the £ or so we pay in tax in the petrol we buy!!
        If more of this went to road schemes AND cyclist schemes then it would be better for all.
        I have not even mentioned congestion charge that will eventually,if Khan has his way,will be extended to cover all roads inside M25.
        You cannot tell we are better off than cyclists anyone saying different is a lier.Bye Bye!!

  2. This will only increase pollution as it reduces space for busses and cars. Fix the river crossings instead.

  3. What help to pedestrians that get hit by bikes, that already choose between pavements and road, so now it’s mobilty scooters on the pavement, and cyclists , what happend to funding the stop of knife crime, more important issues to be resolved, rather than tax payers paying for a pathway they can’t use, because cyclists who don’t have any Highway Code to follow,

  4. I wanted to add that apart from giving traffic even less room along that route,can you imagine the extra traffic and pollution by the Rotherhithe Tunnel?
    It is bad enough already but will be even worse.Can anyone tell me,honestly,how this improves anything?

  5. In 2008 the cost of one mile of standard 3-lane motorway with a hard shoulder was estimated at between £21.4 million and £35.0 million. Even allowing for inflation 1 mile of cycle highway should not cost the same as 1 mile of motorway.

    • So is this meant to make all the drivers feel better about it while they are stuck in longer lines of traffic??

      • By the way,all you cyclists will be breathing in the extra pollution generated by this!.
        Have a nice traffic free journey you cyclists!!

  6. That will solve everything (I don’t think) a bigger issue is the cars and cyclists bombing round the back streets (including near junior schools) in a reckless way endangering people and ruining their peace and quiet. The route from Blackheath via Deptford and Southwark for daily commuting by private motor car occupied by one or two people is no longer viable and should be banned. Inner London can’t carry that burden anymore. The quality of life is being destroyed by lack of mass transit and lack of government action. Absolutely no planning in this country all short term hand to mouth cost of a paper clip remedies rather than long term investments and govt action. Weak.

    • Totally agree with you.South London roads are bad enough already.
      Anyway it won’t be long before Sadiq Khan prices average income drivers off the London roads.I am glad i no longer have to use a car for work,it must be a nightmare.

  7. Agree with everything said!! Also annoying that it only gets busy with cyclists during rush hour, otherwise it’s busy with cars and buses ALL DAY. We shouldn’t have to pay £54m for this when there was no public input, and they haven’t bothered to resolve congestion of the tunnel. And now how are buses supposed to get past all of the traffic???? A 20 min journey to work will probably double in time for me now

    • I feel sorry for people like yourself that probably have no choice but to have to use a vehicle.
      I am sorry to the majority of cyclists that are responsible ones,but there are too many that are not.So until the police and councils come up with some kind of regulation of the cyclists i cannot be on their side.
      This scheme is crazy,where there were two lanes now there will be one.Where does Khan think the traffic is going to go?The answer he will see when the work is finished.Instead of the traffic queuing in from Blackheath, drivers will join it from Eltham and Welling!! Great!, where can i get a job as a road and traffic planner? A job that is highly paid and where you do not have to answer to your customers!!(Bit like being a banker).

  8. I’m not sure why the stretch from Tower Bridge to Rotherhithe needs to be separated. I commute by bike on this section and share the lane with bus and taxi. Some sections could be improved for example at the bus stop westbound in front of Bermondsey tube, so that bikes can pass through when the bus is stopped.

    The other thing is to improve air quality by getting polluting diesel engines and mopeds off the road. Buses and taxis on the red lane must be electric.

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