Two of the 99 ‘tiny games’ to be found around London until 20 August are right here in SE16 at the Blue market and Canada Water Plaza.

The free games are designed to be played on the spot with everything needed to play the game being contained within a simple vinyl poster and the surrounding environment.

Games have sprung up around the capital in bandstands and parks, on paths and tube station walls; on high streets, by shopping centres, under archways, in corners, in squares, by statues and lakes and bus-stops.

The playful experiences were created by London game design studio Hide&Seek and Southwark Council has worked with the design team to bring the innovative experience to the borough.

“The biggest sporting event of the summer has created great opportunities for everyone to get involved in sports across Southwark and this one of them,” says Cllr Veronica Ward, Southwark’s cabinet member for culture, leisure, sport and the Olympics.

“It’s a great community-building activity which can be enjoyed by young people, family members, groups of friends or even neighbours.”

To find out more about Hide&Seek’s 99 Tiny Games visit

In celebration of the Olympic Games starting this week, Canada Water Plaza (or is it Deal Porter Plaza?) has received a “gift from the gods” in the form of an Olympic Javelin. The 10m-long installation will be on show throughout the Olympic period for all to enjoy.

“This installation is spectacular and is really adding to the excitement of the Olympics in Southwark,” says Cllr Veronica Ward.

“We cannot wait to see the torch on Thursday as it travels across the borough”.

The Bermondsey Carnival is being held in Southwark Park on Saturday 2 June and Southwark Council is looking for stallholders for the ‘Rumble in the Jubilee Jumble‘ section of the event.

This is a jumble sale on a grand scale to promote the re-use of unwanted items and the council is inviting local groups to apply for stalls.

Stalls are free (subject to £20 refundable deposit) and all stall space must be dedicated to the jumble; no leaflets or promotional material are to be placed on or distributed from the stall.

The deadline for applications is Friday 25 May – details here.