Traffic turning right from Southwark Park Road to Jamaica road pictured blocking the cycleway

More than 800 people have signed a petition calling for the ban on traffic turning right from Southwark Park Road to Jamaica Road to be reversed.

The banned turn was introduced as part of the opening of Cycleway 4 along Jamaica Road.

Queuing traffic turning right conflicts with the cycleway which switches between the north and south sides of Jamaica Road at the junction with Southwark Park Road and West Lane.

7 thoughts on “800+ sign petition to reinstate right turn from Southwark Park Road to Jamaica Road

  1. Right turn at Southwark Park Road needs to be reinstated,this is just rediculous.The only other roads to access Jamaica Rd is Abbey Street and at St.James’s Rd(At St.James’s Road the lights turn green for about 5 seconds which is pointless).
    So in their wisdom the road planners have decided to make right turn access to Jamaica Road at only 2 points!!.
    This is not rocket science,get a grip TFL,it is not only cyclists that use the roads.!.

    • Yes,i agree a yellow box is the easiest and best option,shame the highly paid road planners did not think of it.!!

  2. Don’t take the tunnel when it’s closed. Obvs!
    I would agree to have the right turn put back if the rat run, dangerous drivers trying cut the Jamaica Road queue to get to Southwark Park Road and then onto Jamaica is also stopped!

  3. If you want to see a lot of illegal driving then go to Albany Road with the junction of the Old Kent Road by the “Thomas A’ Beckett.
    Left hand lane left towards the Elephant or straight on, right hand lane RIGHT which is the most used towards New Cross.
    Guess what happens !
    Cars in LH lane turn right to avoid the queues.
    I would love to see the police parked unmarked by the Mosque in the OKR and book the illegal RH turners.

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