Image: Google Street View (used with permission)

Four extra flats could be added to the block recently built on the site of The Ship York pub – and they don’t need planning permission.

The Ship York at 375 Rotherhithe Street was demolished in 2016 and a five-storey block of nine flats was constructed on the site. 

The building is now known as Benyamin Apartments.

Now Southwark Council has been notified that the building’s owners intend to add a further two storeys – and four flats – to the block.

Under permitted development rights introduced by the Government in 2015, the roof extension doesn’t need planning permission.

If the development had been proposed as a block of 13 homes in the first place, it would have triggered an obligation to provide affordable housing.

For more information see prior approval notification 20/AP/2823 on the Southwark planning database.

One thought on “Extra flats to be built on top of existing block at The Ship York site

  1. Just another example of developers getting around regulations to maximise profits and sod those that cannot afford market prices.
    Clever of the developers but the regulations allow it.Naughty though!.

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