Earlier this year we reported on plans to introduce charges for car parking in Southwark Park and other green spaces in the borough.

The council is currently running a public consultation (till 13 May) and Cllr Rebecca Lury – the deputy council leader whose portfolio includes parks – insisted at a recent overview & scrutiny committee meeting (video above) that no final decision to introduce charges has been made.

However, income from the new fees is included in the council’s budget for the current financial year.

4 thoughts on “Car parking charges in Southwark Park – opportunity to comment

  1. Cars pollute our air. Most car journeys are short and could be walked or cycled. Obviously disabled people should be exempt, but all others should pay to park in Southwark Park, and that money should be spent on sustainable travel or green initiatives that help clean Southwark’s very polluted air.

  2. It’s all good that they want to charge residents but why are council employees allowed parking permits so they can commute by car to work. Everyday on my estate and nearby dockhead they park their cars and walk to their office. If this is a cleaner air initiative then council staff shouldn’t be issued with parking permits.

  3. “However, income from the new fees is included in the council’s budget for the current financial year.”
    So why consult ?
    Southwark Council have decided to bring in fees before consultation.
    Seems like “Winter In Wonderland.”
    There are a number of reasons that people take their car into Southwark Park and park on the carriageway.
    Why not keep the parking rules as they are ?

  4. As long as weekend parking is free, otherwise, it’ll add more congestion to the surrounding streets as people will hunt for already limited free spaces.

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