We’ve twice written about the red crane on this website – firstly when Southwark Council revealed plans to redevelop the site with Hollybrook Homes and extend the Thames Path.

Then we reported the suggestion by council leader Peter John that parts of the crane could be turned into an artwork.

Now a campaign to save the Scotch derrick has been launched – and so far the petition on has attracted nearly 140 signatures.

There is a much fuller account of the crane’s history on Andie Byrnes’ Rotherhithe Blog.

Message from the Canada Estate TRA:

The Canada Estate TRA is running a gardening project and a social history project in conjunction with Southwark Council JSI

The gardening project is open to all budding gardeners we are creating allotments to grow fruit and veg this is on Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm and Sunday 2 pm to 4 pm we will also be running this scheme in the half term holidays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12 pm to 2 pm

The social history project: We are interviewing people who worked in the docks and who lived here during that period and through photography and research of existing photos documenting the changes in the area

We are also interviewing the people who have immigrated to the area to get their stories of what it was like to leave their homeland and settle in the area. Same days same time as above its free to all .

Just turn up at the Canada Estate hall

In September 2014 your correspondent visited Bermondsey Road in East York, Toronto – home of the Peek Freans biscuit factory (and cookie outlet shop).

Peek Freans may have long disappeared from its original home in ‘our’ Bermondsey (and British supermarket shelves) but the brand lives on in Canada as part of the same Mondelez International conglomerate that owns Cadbury’s