Plans have been revealed this week for an 18-storey tower on the St Olav’s Court / City Business Centre site next to the Rotherhithe Roundabout.

Developer Southern Grove announced that it has exchanged contracts to purchase the site which occupies a prominent location at the northern end of Lower Road, opposite the entrance to the Rotherhithe Tunnel.

The site is close to the grade II listed Norwegian Church.

Southern Grove intends to apply to Southwark Council for planning permission for an 18-storey building to be known as The Brooklyn.

The scheme – designed by architects Liftschutz Davidson Sandilands – will include 150 homes and 25,000 sq ft of office space.

Tom Slingsby, chief executive of Southern Grove, said: “The Brooklyn is a fantastic addition to this site and will provide a healthy boost to housing and commercial stock in Canada Water, which is one of the capital’s regeneration hotbeds.

“People living here really will feel like they are within striking distance of central London. They will be able to hop on the Tube and be in the City, Canary Wharf or any corner of the capital in minutes.

“Canada Water is going to be put on the map in a bold new way by the extensive regeneration that is going to take hold over the next 15 years and our own scheme will complement that effort.”

St Olav’s Court is identified in the council’s New Southwark Plan as a development site, with a requirement for re-provision of the existing office space.

8 thoughts on “18-storey tower proposed next to Rotherhithe Roundabout

  1. Yet again,another development for non locals!
    Can you imagine the asking price for the apartments?
    I live in Canada Water but most of the developments being built are for higher earners and will continue to be.I am lucky to live here.
    Anyone remember the LDDC from the 80s?,this is just another development for the well off.
    In 20 years time there will be few real locals left.

  2. “Residents will be able to hop on the tube..” No they won’t! They’ll have to queue for AGES with the rest of us!

  3. This is a very ugly building, out of place in this position.That’s apart from the fact that the already overcrowded Jubilee line at Canada Water, there will also be a tsunami of people from the existing Master plan. This unnecessary carbuncle should not be allowed.

  4. Public transport in this area is already way overloaded. No more dwellings please, unless for the retired or less mobile of us.

    • I do not like the position nor the look of this development which is totally unnecessary! Agree with comments about the overcrowding at Canada Water and no more dwellings! The huge Canada Water Masterplan as well as the Kings College student accommodation (corner Canada street/Quebec Way) which achieved planning application years ago and is being built as we speak, will both create more problem for public transport.
      Could please keep us informed once Southern Grove applied to Southwark Council?So that we can comment and object?

  5. It’s gonna get built and if you complain about it, then they’ll add more units. It’ll be 22 floors when done and built. That’s what happening at the biscuit factory. If you didn’t fight it then because it wasn’t your area then you can’t win now.

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