Plans to knock down the Albion pub at the corner of Albion Street and Neptune Street and replace it with a block of eight flats have been approved by Southwark Council.

In their submission to the council, Michael Trentham Architects say that: “The building which currently occupies the site is struggling with its fitness for purpose and although recognised locally as a landmark, it does not help or contribute to the shopping parade.

“The Neo Tudor style was common during the interwar years and as noted in the heritage statement, the current building is not a particularly good example of this.

“The proposed building has been carefully crafted and designed with carefully considered materials to enhance its context whilst providing much needed housing and a flexible commercial space that will be attractive to a wide range of occupants.

“This is in accordance with strategic Policy 10 of the Core Strategy 2011 and will help regenerate, preserve and enhance the historic shopping parade on Albion Street.

“The proposed building preserves and enhances the setting of the historic Grade II listed Finnish and Norwegian Churches, complementing both with a new urban vernacular that uses traditional materials but has a modern, bold composition and form.

“The building sits within its boundary and frames, not obstructing the views of the buildings, thus preserving their historical value and character of the area.”

Further details on the Southwark planning register.

3 thoughts on “Albion pub: demolition & redevelopment approved

  1. What about knocking down The Little Crown which has been an eyesore for years and is a squatters den.
    This has been derelict for years,come on Southwark Council do something about it!!
    What do you think our Scandanavian residents think about the sight of it.
    Get rid of the pub,the quicker the better.
    I have mentioned this to The Council before,so i am not hopeful.

  2. Just wanted to clarify that I do not agree with knocking down the The Albion pub as it was a local of mine.The Little Crown is another story,now that really is an eyesore.It is has been inhabited by freeloading squatters for years.
    If any pub needs demolishing it is that one.I just wonder what people think of the pub when they see it.
    It is The Little Crown that is ruining the area not The Albion.How about Southwark councillors discussing that issue.
    The other thing is how can developers say that the new flats would blend in with the church?Instead of knocking The Albion down why not refurbish it into a number of flats as some other pubs have been?
    Once again I am really impressed with our councillors!!

  3. The council selling off yet more of our local
    Heritage. Surely it could have been converted into something useful for the community?
    No, more ugly modern flats, more money into the councils pocket. How about they spend that to make our neighbourhood safer and home the homeless?
    Nope, another rarely used bike lane making the traffic back up causing more pollution.

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