Exciting news from the Salter Statues Campaign

This month we can announce  great news for all those who  have spent the last three years campaigning to restore the memory of Ada and Alfred.

The Salter Statues Campaign has at last achieved its target of £50,000. The statues of Ada, Alfred and their daughter, Joyce, can now go ahead and be installed.

There may even be an unveiling before the end of this year of the beautiful ensemble designed by artist, Diane Gorvin. Not only has justice been done to Alfred Salter, whose statue was stolen by metal-thieves in 2011, but the addition of Ada is historic for all of London, where currently there are only 14 public statues of women compared to hundreds of men.

Amazingly, Ada’s statue will be the first public statue of a woman environmentalist, the first of a woman peace campaigner, the first of a woman trade unionist, the first of a woman politician and the first of a Quaker woman.

Congratulations to all who campaigned, and all who donated.

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