Time and Talents has been asked by the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Community Council to investigate the interest in setting up a civic society or urban parish council for Rotherhithe.

For the purpose of this activity  Rotherhithe is defined according to the historic boundaries of St Mary’s parish, bounded by Southwark Park Road in the west, the river to the north and east and South Dock in the south.

A civic society is a community-based organisation made up of a diverse group of active local citizens and organisations who share a sense of pride and local community spirit and who wish to contribute to improving their locality. There are already several such civic societies in Southwark such as the Walworth SocietyThe Camberwell SocietyThe Peckham Society and The Dulwich Society.

An urban parish council is a more formal arrangement with elected representatives and decision-making powers.

Fill in the online survey to give your views.

Time & Talents is hosting an open meeting on Thursday 30 May to discuss  the results of the survey and to work out the next steps. Please let Alyson know if you would like to attend.

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