This question and answer from last week’s Southwark council assembly may be of interest.

Cllr David Hubber (Lib Dem Surrey Docks ward councillor) In view of the fact that a reversion to two-way working in Lower Road, Rotherhithe, appears still to be a long way off, will the cabinet member consider removing the restriction on vehicles emerging from Plough Way and crossing Lower Road to enter the gyratory system?

Cllr Mark Williams (Labour cabinet member for transport) Feasibility work for the reintroduction of two-way working in the Surrey Quays area is well advanced and I expect proposals to be brought to public consultation later this year. Traffic analysis shows that removing much of the one-way system is possible and this will open up more direct routes to the peninsula as well as creating opportunities to improve the local environment. Removing the current restrictions on traffic exiting Plough Way will be part of these proposals. Analysis shows, however, that this can only work when introduced in conjunction with the wider traffic scheme.

Cash machines which dispense euros as well as pounds have been installed at Bermondsey and Canada Water Undergound stations.

The two SE16 tube stations are among 70 across the capital where new Raphaels Bank dual-currency ATMs have been installed.

Euro withdrawals are commission free, with rates intended to be more favourable than the largest currency exchange providers.

“As part of our ongoing plans to improve the services on offer for our customers, we have worked with Raphaels Bank to install these cash points at stations across our network,” said Graeme Craig, director of commercial development at Transport for London.

“Millions of people use our network each year, including going to or from an airport, Eurostar and coach stations, and these machines have been installed to make it easier for people to access the currency they need.”

Transport for London commissioner Sir Peter Hendy recently revealed that since the first euro ATMs were installed at tube stations in November, €2.5 million has been dispensed across the network.

From the latest diary of local funeral director Barry Albin-Dyer:

You may have observed that the roundabouts at the Rotherhithe Tunnel and at Crittals Corner have been signed as ‘The Albin Roundabout’ as we have sponsored them, and I have to say that it has already helped some people to find us much easier already – Look out on the news for ‘traffic approaching the Albins Roundabout’!! – Who knows??


Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon tabled this question to the Mayor:

Canada Water is a major transport hub in an area which will see increasing development in the coming years. However there is still no countdown information at Canada Water bus station.

Will you explore the possibility of installing bus countdown information at Canada Water?

Boris Johnson replied:

TfL has been working with its suppliers to develop a means of displaying digital sign technology in a robust, secure and weather-proofed facility that is fit for purpose in exposed environments such as bus stations and interchanges.

Three trial locations have been selected for testing purposes and TfL plans to have test signs in situ during April 2014 to assess the suitability of the technology for these locations. Based on the outcome, a business decision will be made on how to proceed with a potential rollout across bus stations, including Canada Water.

Cllr Eliza Mann (Lib Dem) tabled the following question at this week’s council assembly:

What meetings has the cabinet member had with Transport for London (TfL) about reconfiguring Rotherhithe roundabout to help ease traffic congestion around Jamaica Road?

Cllr Barrie Hargrove (Labour), cabinet member for transport, environment and recycling, replied:

Can I thank the member for raising with me. I am aware of that concern with congestion problems related to the Rotherhithe roundabout and Jamaica Road are longstanding, going back very many years.

Officers have been in dialogue with Transport for London (TfL) for some time in relation to congestion and access issues at the Rotherhithe roundabout. Topics under discussion range from improvements to traffic management at the tunnel entrance to reduce delays, provision for Cycle Superhighway Route 4 (CS4) and measures to better separate local and through traffic.

A number of meetings have been held over the last 12 months and TfL have presented a number of initial options for comment. It is expected that proposals will be brought forward for public consultation as part of the wider consultation on CS4 which is currently scheduled for autumn 2014.

Audio from Wednesday’s council assembly meeting