Plans to build 30 new homes on top of two existing housing association blocks in Bermondsey have been approved by Southwark councillors.

Antony House and Roderick House are two 1950s blocks with 16 flats each.

The scheme – by Apex Airspace and the Lambeth & Southwark Housing Association – was considered at Southwark’s planning sub-committee B last month.

Of the 30 new homes, 26 would be let at London Affordable Rent level with the remainder being at social rent level.

You can watch the committee’s consideration of the application here:

One thought on “Raymouth Road: housing association wins approval for 30 rooftop homes

  1. I am just glad i do not live in one of those blocks.!
    Imagine the noise and disturbance of the works to build another two storeys on each building!
    The people currently on the top floors of each block will get most of the disturbance from this.
    These kinds of works are all wrong.
    Imagine living there quite peacefully then a few months later you have 2 more levels above you,!.
    I would definitely protest against that.I only hope the current residents will get suitable compensation for what they will have to indure.

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