More than 250 motorists received warning letters from the Metropolitan Police after volunteers with speed guns caught them breaking the 20 mph speed limit on Salter Road during 2019.

According to information obtained by under the Freedom of Information Act, three two-hour Community Roadwatch sessions were held in Salter Road during 2019.

It took just six hours to record the 257 speeding motorists.

On 2 February 2019, 84 warning letters were generated. Further sessions on 21 June and 27 June 2019 led to 92 and 81 letters being sent.

According to a 2017 report for Southwark Council, “speeding is a significant problem along Salter Road, this is probably due to the nature of the road, which gives the impression that it is a rural road and driving at speeds of greater than
20mph are feel natural and are comfortable”.

5 thoughts on “More than 250 motorists warned for speeding on Salter Road in 2019

  1. ..and what is going to be done about it? At night I see them speeding at 70mph along Salter Rd, that’s not by accident because they think it’s a country road..

  2. The aggressive driving around Salter and certain parts of Rotherhithe Streets has to be addressed before someone gets paralysed or killed. Lots of kids on bikes so drivers need to be reminded

  3. As well as cars speeding there is chap who rides a Quad bike around Green land Dock/Brunswick Quay area.
    Very alarming the noise this generates as it is approaching you.

  4. Yes i agree with others here.
    If they check late evenings to early morning they will catch that number in half the time.
    And what is the point of warning them?.I was driving past Peter Hills school only recently and a Mercedes sped past me in the other direction at an estimated speed of at least 60mph and the driver used my side of the road to overtake a car on the zebra crossing.!Madness and probably on drugs i should imagine.
    I am not a fan of speed cameras but they need more here,at least 2 more and not just one side of the road.
    Something has got to be done.
    Any MP want to get off their backside and do something?!

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