Canada Water developer British Land has contributed £20,000 to the Southwark Community Response Fund set up to help local organisations deal with the implications of the COVID-19 crisis.

British Land says that the extra cash will “provide additionality for charities, social enterprises, TRAs and community groups in Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks wards”.

More information and guidance on how to apply can be found on United St Saviour’s website.

In a post on the Canada Water Masterplan website, British Land also said: “To support Canada Water’s various local businesses, we have also released our smaller retail, food & beverage, charity and leisure customers from their rental obligations for three months (April to June).

“We hope this will go some way to supporting local businesses through this difficult time.”

2 thoughts on “British Land gives £20k to Southwark fund and offers small firms a rent-free period

  1. Well every little helps, however we should put £20,000 in to perspective of the questionable business which British Land PLC is getting from their 20% partner Southwark Council which “self approved the masterplan”, namely a contract for up to £35 million for a mediocre leisure centre on top of a railway tunnel in a place Southwark Council itself said it should never be! What is more, the mediocre leisure centre can’t do what our 1965 centre can do! What is even more, when given the chance we voted to keep Seven Islands, but British Land’s 20% partner Southwark Council just can’t help itself from giving British Land this contract!
    Refurbishing the better Seven Islands, the only deep water multi-sport pool in borough would only cost £8 million! A better leisure centre on a better site..(that is another thing, the better site, which they also have their greedy eyes on, the donated site three minute walk from the tube station)
    So all in all £20,000 a little drop in the ocean of the business which British Land shouldn’t be getting from “our council” if it was “our council” it would put interests of the residents first before its “partnership”.

  2. Yup. £20k is a tuppence for prime London land between a major tube station and a large park. BLand will make a killing and Southwark residents lose out. Somebody must be making a side hustle.

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