Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has defended plans to build a bridge across the Thames linking Rotherhithe with Canary Wharf.

Mr Khan was speaking at the People’s Question Time event in Bexley on Thursday night where he was challenged from the floor about plans for a “£400 million vanity bridge” at Rotherhithe.

The Mayor said: “I don’t apologise for wanting to make sure that we have a cycle and pedestrian bridge at Canary Wharf and Rotherhithe.

“Actually it was one of the campaigns that Caroline Pidgeon talked about during the mayoral campaign.

“I was initially not sure of my views but was persuaded during the mayoral campaign that it was a good idea.

“We have worked cross-party to get this scheme up and running.”

Liberal Democrat London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon said: “It’s so important for pedestrians and cyclists to be able to cross the Thames.

“At the moment on this side of London you have a choice: you go through the Rotherhithe Tunnel – literally taking your life into your own hands – or you have to trek further east and go through the Greenwich Foot Tunnel.

“We need to make sure that people can get across the Thames in a healthy, safe way.

“I think this is a fantastic project and it will be a real triumph for London to see a brand new bridge at that location.”

This week we reported that Canary Wharf Group is opposing the bridge and favours an improved ferry service instead.

2 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan defends Rotherhithe Bridge plan at PQT

  1. The question I asked was whether London could afford to spend £400+ million on a bridge when a free ferry would cost less than one tenth the cost of the bridge. The question was not answered. There is already a ferry crossing at this location which is not cheap. TfL could have atrial period this summer to establish if there is a real need for an expensive bridge. Sadiq then mentioned the Silvertown project and getting cyclists across the river. Once again there is an exisiting crossing which you can take your bike – The Emirates Airline. Why not make that free?

  2. A bridge is a much better and more convenient solution than a ferry for crossing the Thames at rotherhithe. Not subject to tides and timetable, the whims of a ferry operator or sudden fare increases and no polluting engines. Available 24 hours a day in both directions to an unlimited number of pedestrians and cyclists.

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