The new City of London-backed primary school opening next year in the former Galleywall School building will incorporate ‘Galleywall’ in its name.

According to the minutes of  last month’s meeting of the City of London Corporation’s education board:

The Education and Early Years Manager briefed members that the new City of London Primary Academy in Southwark would incorporate Galleywall into its name. This would resonate with the local community given it was the name of the longstanding school that stood on the site. In addition, the name referred the longer history of the site given it dated from a temporary fortification constructed in the area during the 11th century.

The minutes also include this rather pointed note:

The Chairman noted that the Education Board’s responsibility for the free school application at Galleywall Road in Southwark – and over other applications – needed to be asserted to prevent confusion over ‘ownership’ of the application. At present there was a risk that other bodies such as existing academy governing bodies would regard themselves as responsible for what were ultimately City of London Corporation applications. This situation reflected deficiencies in the way in which the City’s academies were now constituted, which needed addressing.

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