Earlier this month Ofsted published another report on Strawberry Babybubs Nursery in St James’s Churchyard, Bermondsey.

Once again the nursery has been given the lowest possible rating – ‘inadequate’. Inspectors found that:

  • The key-person system is not effective in helping children to feel settled and secure.
  •  Staff who have not been cleared by the vetting system are given responsibilities to change nappies unsupervised. This means children’s welfare cannot be assured.
  • Not all staff have a sound understanding of their responsibilities to safeguard children. In addition, documentation lacks information about staff attendance and deployment, and policies lack required details that staff must observe to keep children safe.
  • The management’s system to monitor the quality of teaching and track the progress of all children is weak, particularly with regard to completing progress checks for two- year-olds.
  •  Although outside play is part of the written daily routine, staff do not ensure babies have regular opportunities to spend time outdoors. There are few opportunities for babies and toddlers to engage in sensory and messy play activities to support their emotional and physical development.

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