From a City Hall report published this week, authorising the expenditure of £20,000 on research about broadband connectivity in London (the emphasis is ours):

Investigating the state of London’s connectivity, providing recommendations to address this and then working with providers to improve the service across London is a critical and urgent piece of work. There are significant issues in important inner London locations (including large parts of the City and Westminster) and in several other locations across London (including but not limited to Rotherhithe, Barnet, Bromley, Ealing and Barking and Dagenham). These issues affect small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and residents disproportionately as big businesses can usually afford to pay for their own leased line. The Mayor is passionate about rectifying this issue as quickly as possible. This issue has also recently been highlighted by the Prime Minister.

It’s good to know that City Hall officials are taking the issue seriously.

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