Do you believe in our democratic system? Or do you share Russell Brand’s view? Either way,  London Bubble wants to hear from you.

In 1950, 84 per cent of the UK population voted in the general election. In 2010 only 65 per cent bothered. At the last election less than 30 per cent of 18-25s exercised their right to vote.

We pride ourselves on ‘our democratic system’ but do we believe in it. Or is the system just too big to change?

London Bubble Theatre Company is looking for volunteers to help it take a snapshot of people’s feelings about the electoral system.

Between now and the next election the company will be recording conversations between people on different sides of the debate and creating a play to be performed by a community cast.

The project is called Hopelessly De-Voted and young people from Southwark and Lewisham have already set about interviewing a range of people. 18-22 year olds have interviewed Baroness Jones of the Green Party; Ipsos MORI pollster Ben Page; and new Grange ward councillor Damian O’Brien who won his Southwark Council seat by just six votes.

Now young Bubble members are widening their search and are interested in interviewing members of the general public who either strongly believe in the system, or who steadfastly refuse to vote.

They are interested in talking to a range of ages so if you have something to say, please get in touch. (Or perhaps you come from Belgium or Australia where voting is compulsory, or from Estonia where not only can you vote by phone, but you can change that vote at any time leading up to Election Day!)

The research stage of the project is being supported by the Arts Council of England and Bubble will be working with campaigning group Bite the Ballot, to turn the words of voters, politicians, cynics and sceptics into a script reflecting Londoners love-hate relationship with our political system.

If all goes to plan the piece will be performed by a inter-generational community cast in the Spring 2015, during the run up to the election in May. And who knows, it might even increase the turn out.

Those interested in contributing to Hopelessly De-Voted should contact Claire Sexton at London Bubble on 020 7237 4434, [email protected]

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