The St James Supermarket at the corner of Southwark Park Road and St James’s Road is facing a review of its 24-hour premises licence.

Full details on the council website.

Prevention of Crime and disorder

  • The business had in possession for supply 69 bottles of alcohol where no duty had been paid and/or the product was counterfeit.
  • Failure to implement conditions of licence as outlined.

Public Safety

  • Counterfeit Smirnoff was seized. Counterfeit alcohol is usually manufactured in uncontrolled environments with minimal/no quality control and the alcohol used often of a grade that is not suitable for personal consumption.

The prevention of public nuisance

  • The provision of a bottle opener hanging on a piece of string at the counter and the offer to use it for the customer permitted alcohol to be consumed on the premise and to allow alcohol to be readily consumed on the streets was likely to lead to public nuisance
  • Failure to display a notice in a position where it can be read by customer a notice asking customers to respect neighbours by discouraging noise

The protection of children from harm

  • >Failure to adopt and implement an age verification scheme including the use of a refusal book for the purpose of recording all refused sales of alcohol and a recognised training scheme for all staff concerned with the sale or supply of intoxicating liquor, records of which shall be kept and made available for inspection.)

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