From the blog of well-known local funeral director Barry Albin-Dyer:

I have personally also had some difficult news as I have been diagnosed with a tumour in the brain. Initially the news was not good but it improved greatly yesterday when the surgeon gave me hope after telling me that he will operate and remove as much as possible and anything that is left will be treated accordingly. So I will be out of action now for a while as I am going into hospital to have the operation next Tuesday (9th), but with God’s help and your best wishes which I am so grateful for, I will as ‘The Terminator’ says ‘return’ after some recuperation.

In the meantime the business will be in the very capable hands of my two sons Simon and Jonathan and my wonderful staff who are lovingly supporting me at this very difficult time. Huge thanks to the staff and especially to my sons and to Jackie who have as ever been by my side.


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