Simon Hughes MP has raised the issue of slow internet connections on the Rotherhithe Peninsula in the House of Commons.

“May I remind the minister that literally four miles from here, in Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks, in the capital city, there are still areas that are have woefully slow broadband, to the disadvantage of a very dynamic community?

“Will he look again to see whether we can speed up both BT and the programme so that the capital city, like the rest of the country, can have the broadband it needs to be the most efficient and effective that it can be?”

Culture, communications and creative industries minister Ed Vaizey  replied: “I will happily work to ensure that for the capital. There will always be pockets of slow broadband.

“I was interested to read recently about a couple from Cornwall who went to visit Google in silicon valley and found that the superfast broadband speed in the hotel was slower than it was in Cornwall, which is the result of our programme.”

Broadband: 5 Sep 2013: House of Commons debates – TheyWorkForYou.

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